Oct 3, 2021 • 8M

Emotional Hangouts #1/4: Fear & Suffering

with Atta Pilram

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Omar Shaker
Paul Kist
Conversations with those who inspired the book.
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Welcome to the beginning of the end of Season 1. We have two more weeks of fresh content before we start our recap.

🤠 Before we launch this final episode on emotions (2 Sundays from today) , we thought we’d spend sometime preparing you with a crash course on human emotions this week.

Mainly because we realized how much we needed it ourselves.

🔊 Welcome to our audio broadcast of a mini-series titled “Emotional Hangouts with Atta” between Omar Shaker and our upcoming Season 1 Episode 11 guest, Atta Pilram.

🐘 His last name ‘Pilram', means elephant trainer, and -as those of you following us already know - elephants are our metaphor for feelings or emotions.

#EmotionalHangouts no.1/4: What is Fear & Suffering? How does one suffer well? Click play above to hear it.

Below is the full schedule for this week where we will be posting everyday for the next 4 days!

1️⃣ | Sunday | EmotionalHangout #1: Fear & Suffering

2️⃣ | Monday | EmotionalHangout #2: Happiness & Sadness

3️⃣ | Tuesday | EmotionalHangout #3: Anger & Calmness

4️⃣ | Wednesday | EmotionalHangout #4: Creativity & Sexual Energy

We will post these teasers all week and we have two more Sundays towards the final episode and our break!

This is all a wild experiment, please let us know how we are doing in the comments or by replying to the email!

What is your takeaway from this episode on Suffering and Fear? What do you have to face these days?