Sep 26, 2021 • 4M

Everything In Between

A rant that poses itself as a poem

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Conversations with those who inspired the book.
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In case you missed it! We’re going live with African Crossroads next Tuesday for an Instagram Live episode of the Gumpcast! Join us. If you do not use Instagram, we totally understand and encourage you to stay away from that crackpipe.

We’re pouring a lot of love into this season’s final episode of Gumpcast! Episode 11 is magically making its way to you soon.

As we complete our search for gumption in the studio, here is some more channeling that I bring you from the desert.

May it appease your elephant and be gentle on your rider.

I am the warmth of the sun. 
I am the desolate cold depths of the ocean. 
I am the stillness of the mountains. 
I am the roaring engine of a dune buggy. 

I am the swirls of dirt it makes in the sand as it cuts through it. 
I am the capricious waves of the Atlantic. 
I am the lazy current of the Russian River. 
I am the one who knows that the Russian River is in California. 

I am the facts. 
I am the bullshit that we are fed to distract us from them. 
I am the righteous leader of the Bolshevik revolution. 
I am the liberator of the free world with democracy. 

I am the blind destruction of families and homes. 
I am the fire that burns these homes to ashes. 
I am the rains that wash the ashes back into the rivers.
I am the injustice of the world. 

I am the gluttony of the oligarchy, the ruthlessness of cancer, and at the same time…
I am the healing and divine touch of God. 
I am the vaccinated. 
I am the unvaccinated. 

I am the son who is estranged from his father, and 
I am the father who is trying the best he possibly fucking can. 
I am the mother and 
I am the pain she carries in holding the world together. 

I am Maskat’s radiating curiosity. 
I am Maskat’s blind anger, and 
I am his awkward love. 
I am Maskat’s ecstatic existence, and 

I am his depressing despair. 
I am optimistic love. 
I am cynical fear. And 
I am everything in between. 

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