In Search of Gumption is my own journey of writing a novel, and a result of my inquiry into what lights up the human spirit all around the world. What brings us together, rather than sets us apart?

Every Sunday, I will share one of the skills Iā€™ve learned, musings I found, poems I was whispered, or the magnificent people I have met, with you. Subscribe and join us on this journey of self-discovery!

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Ex-MD, data geek, and a writer. Building frameworks for resilient health in the modern world.
A self-avowed lover of crap. I walk the path because I am fat and I need to burn calories. Just a fun outdoorsy guy you know, existential angst is for her sisters. That Buddha guy though, he is alright, he is a good egg.
Building an authentic, creative, playful, and healing world through arts/tech/food/community.