I've experienced such synchronicity too, but rarely. When it happens I always feels as if someone or something is trying to tell me what I needed to hear or learn. I've used the term "guardian angels," but synchronicity definitely works. Sometimes it's through music, sometimes through a person--especially a stranger or someone I don't know well--speaking. It takes awareness and openness to become attuned to such messages and moments. For me, they have always been powerful. Magical, too.

Thanks as always for sharing your feelings and experiences. Love your poem. I hate being cold! As for Substack, I haven't tried using it. Like credit cards, there are too many choices for me. I tend to stick with one. Sorry I can't take your poll.

Sending hugs, my friend. And enjoy your travels.

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Nov 28, 2022Liked by Omar Shaker

Enjoy your travels! It’s a true privilege to have the resources to do it. For me travel gets me out of my embedded mental and physical routines which as good as that is in “daily life”. Travel accelerates my learning, growing in all kinds of ways: new obstacles and novelties. Akin to skiing “off piste”. (Switzerland brought on that analogy). Some pleasant and some not.

I have to be with the idea of “magical” for a bit. I think each generation has its own way of losing themselves. I guess it can happen at a societal level and with globalism it can spread fast. We are closely more closely connected yet we are not. Lockdowns in China? Who else is doing that? Covid is moving through my coworkers but life is moving on in general thank goodness. I am rambling :).....

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Nov 27, 2022Liked by Omar Shaker

Substack is gaining popularity. I am currently subscribed to three other newsletters/blogs. It’s been around a while and seems to be gaining wider adoption. I find it easy to use but like anything it’s a matter of having some constraints. I also like the fact they don’t promote themselves otherwise ie they respect your in-box and time and attention while in the app as well.

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About the hacking of your luggage - keep the broom with the stick. Your would have a clean path to follow.

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