A quick, harmless exploration of your dark childhood wounds

For those of you following the story, you realize that childhood traumas are a thing we like talking about here in Gumpland. I am an advocate of facing them and curious about the healing that comes along with the exploration. I have been reading a fantastic book about this last week by “holistic psychologist” Dr. Nicole Lepera called How To Do The Work and found it quite helpful in this department.

Here are some prompts that got my gears going. Here are some of them. Feel free to share with the group or think about them silently!

  • In childhood, when my parent-figure(s) ________________, I felt ___________. To cope, I ________.

  • In your childhood, did you feel free to say No or did your parent-figure(s) behave a certain way?_______________

  • In childhood, I received the following messages about certain feelings (or feelings in general) _______

If there are other books or tools please also share them here if sharing your wounds with us is too overbearing!