A Simple Exercise to Release Your Shame.

As some of you have noticed, I had many typos in the last post and I intended to write it quickly and share it as imperfect as it is!

Although I corrected the original post later…It felt so empowering to write about my own shame…shamelessly!

Something was released and I am already approaching this work with a clearer head.

As we gear up to the next Gumpcast episode, I invite you all to do the following:

1- Share one thing that you may be experiencing shame about. Frame it as something you are telling yourself : e.g. You are too fat, you are very lazy, No one will want to hire you.


2- What would your best friend tell you as a response? e.g. let's start exercising bit by bit, you are applying to the wrong jobs, etc.

I know this is a big ask, but practicing this on a regular basis is a game changer! I'm excited to see your reflections on this and feel free to share directly with me if this thread is too intense for more introverted folks like me!

shaker118@gmail.com is my email