Musing #23: Cringing

Artists's Logbook | Week 5

Here is a video of me anxiously performing one of my better pieces : Days of Depression. It's part of a collection I'm working on so I won't be posting it here yet.

I have a long way to go when it comes to performing spoken word and so I'm happy to share my very amateur start!

Does anyone wanna tell me how NOT to make my syllables explode through the mic? 😱

After I was done, my right hand hurt so much and I realized that I was gripping onto the mic so hard that all my muscles were fatigued.

I think my body thought it was on a roller coaster.

The Artist's Way Week 5

The journey continues….and gets deeper and more interesting.

Morning Pages ✅: I missed a day since my last check in but otherwise this is my lifeline now.

Artist's Date ✅: Went to that Open Mic ☝️ Artist dates are getting wilder!

Also wrote a letter to myself from my 80 year old self. That was a really cool exercise. He had awesome advice.

Try it out!


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