Mar 7, 2021Liked by Omar Shaker, Paul G

Huh....I think I know this story from someone! lol. What I love about this story is how remarkably close we are to other non-human beings and the responsibility we have to self-regulate so that we can commune with them. The bull, to me, represents how our behaviors on earth impact all those around us - the energy that we send out they can understand and sense at a primal level.

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Feb 25, 2021Liked by Omar Shaker

This reminds me of 1) the Hemingway story "The Capitol of the World", which is about bullfighting, fear, and proving your masculinity and 2) this phrase I came across, "creative weakness", which to me is the idea of deliberately standing down in a confrontation and being humble. There must be a strength if knowing that you can win a fight and choosing not to. I can't fight, so I wouldn't know what that's like, but in Aikido as partners you take turns being attacker and defender, and there again, there's the concept of protecting your attacker and trying to do minimal damage. They say in a fight the best thing you can do is run away.

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