Great episode. I definitely can relate to your dear grandpa. I'd also like to thank Lina for sharing her experience and the guided meditation. I'll share it with Alice.

It's interesting that I'm just starting to take guided medium and reiki lessons.

We are all curious of alternative awareness but it gets obscured by duality view of religions.

I got inspired by Carlos Castaneda's novels of Don Juan's teaching. Then recently, the books by Stewart Edward White: "The Betty Book" and "The Unobstructed Universe". All together, they brought me a new view of reality!

Keep up the good job.

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Mar 29, 2021Liked by Omar Shaker

Your baba sounds like a good man, you def are an extension of him. “Men do have more power” and “these gender norms are all in our mind” just hit home for me. Thank you for having the courage to speak out about masculine and feminine energy and how we can allow ourselves to embrace both.

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