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Ep12. Nationalism w/ Omar Dajani 🇺🇸🇵🇸 [The Gumpcast]

Can it be a force for peace in the world?

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Omar Shaker
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How much do you understand your national background? What is your relationship with your local environment? And what kind of ideologies move you without realizing?

We’re back! We start Season 2 with a deep and delicious discussion around our relationship to nations.

My guest Omar Dajani, is an American Palestinian law professor, and this is his story about how a college debate opened him up to explore his Middle Eastern origins, and took him on a journey to become part of the Negotiations Support Unit of the Palestine Liberation Organization in the late ninteis.

In this episode we tackle:

  • The experience of being a dual national, and how nations are intertwined with our imagination.

  • The complexities of nationalism and the many ways it shapes our world.

  • We ask: Is nationalism always bad? If not, can it actually propel us forward?

  • The Palestinian occupation, and the grim reality of how far we’ve come from the end of the nineties. Is there any hope? What does it look like?

  • White nationalism in America, and how a lonely world is driving people to look for more structure. Are we at risk of a fascism?

  • The power of the local, and why talking to those who trigger us is critical to humanity.

About Omar Dajani:

Omar lives in San Francisco and is a Professor of Law at the University of the Pacific - McGeorge School of Law. He grew up in Texas, and lived for a long time in Palestine where has been part of the Negotiations Support Unit

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