In Search of Gumption
The Gumpcast: Finding gumption in tough times.
EP17. Mending The Heart with Somatics

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EP17. Mending The Heart with Somatics

w/ Staci Haines 🇺🇸

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Staci Haines, Somatics teacher and practitioner and Author of The Politics of Trauma breaks this down for us in an another authentic and vulnerable Gumpcast conversation about why Somatic therapy is changing people’s lives, how it can help you embody your declarations, heal your heart and tap into your deepest longings.

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Soundbite #2: A longer (30 min) Demo of the coaching session Staci gave me for a deeper dive into how the Somatics process works.

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In Search of Gumption
The Gumpcast: Finding gumption in tough times.
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