Jun 11 • 46M

EP17. Mending The Heart with Somatics

w/ Staci Haines 🇺🇸

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What do you want? What do you value? What do you long for? What is yearning to heal? What do you want to be possible for your community or for the world?

What if your body already knows all the answers to these questions?


Staci Haines, Somatics teacher and practitioner and Author of The Politics of Trauma breaks this down for us in an another authentic and vulnerable Gumpcast conversation.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Her story about holding space for her mother’s passing away, and how everything she learned in the field of Somatics prepared her for for that moment.

  • What is the Soma? How is it different from the body?

  • How we identify what we are longing for and become a commitment to it?

  • How does this impact politics and social movements?

  • We end with practical live session: As always, I offer myself as a guinea pig for all of you. Stacie graciously offers me a live session to heal my aching heart, and give you a taste of what working with Somatics looks like.



“Resilience is the ability to somatically, holistically renew ourselves during and after oppressive, threatening, or traumatic experiences. We are able to shift ourselves, physiologically and psychologically from traumatic hyperalert states to calmed cohesive states. It is the ability to regain a sense of hope and imagine a positive future.“ - Staci K. Haines

Show notes:

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