Let's play the archetype game...

Which of the personas below are most present in your life right now? Share your story with us and win a gumption gift.

As we prepare for our series of archetype short stories next week, we wanted to hear from you.

Tell us in the comments: Which of these archetypes do you relate to the most right now and why?

This is not a personality test, but rather a way to see what is taking up most of your energy these days, and to perhaps think deeper of where that drive is coming from.

Best answers are those which tell an honest and raw story. Best answers may win a random gift from Paul and Omar.

Let The Madness Begin...Here are the archetypes that we will be covering in the next series of stories:

1- The Initiate:

You are looking for an experience or a meaningful moment to help you understand yourself at a deeper level, and bring new insights to old problems.

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2- The Warrior:

You are focused on a purpose, for which you are ready to give up almost anything in life. You are making sure that you are physically and mentally in the best place to fulfill that purpose.

3- The King (Sovereign):

You are taking care and providing for your proverbial ‘village’. Many people depend on you for their wellbeing, and expect you to act with grace and be just.

4- The Lover:

There is nothing more you would like than to be playing your favorite instrument, be out in nature, and/or to appreciate every passing moment for its beauty.

5- The Magician:

You have spent years in a cave (or a jungle, or a library, or a lab…you get the point) learning the skills, talents and passions that you can now use to create transformational spaces for yourself and others.

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….Or choose one from this Jungian Circle which one of these 12 speaks to you the most right now….

…OR…If you want more female - focused archetypes, which of these do you relate to more?

Let us know in the comments which one is present for you in your life, and share your story of why that archetype is relevant to you right now.

Winners will announced at the end of the series!

The Gumption Squad