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Send pics of the dogs youre sitting. I will send you a pic of my latest rescue.

Good job giving health and wellness your time of day. Wednesdays are designated for gym, sauna, massage for me. My work is excruciatingly physical.

Writing is a funny one. I really enjoy the occasional writing session; anonymously mostly. Can’t say i like the act of writing but I like the feeling after having written

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From my own experiences of having dark moments in my life, I'd say surrending as "letting go" vs. "giving up" can be a positive life reset. But sometimes you can't make a mental separation of these two modes. However, when you're just about to make that decision, be sure to be have a clear demand of what you are asking from the "universe", "the great Spirit", " the God/Gods" or whoever to guide you. You'll be surprised... Ask and you shall get what you demand.

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