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The Gumpcast: Finding gumption in tough times.
Ep05. Experiencing God w/ Sherin Wafaai

Ep05. Experiencing God w/ Sherin Wafaai

Let's get spiritual, baby

Were you brought up in a religious family? How did your relationship with religion change as you grew up?

It is Sunday and I am back! This time with my wife, who had and continues to have a very interesting relationship with religion and the different ways we get to experience God.

In this episode:

  • Her story from trying to please God by getting veiled to rebelling after someone tried to shame her in acting a certain way.

  • How she found God in a way that is more meaningful for her.

  • The basics of self-love, self-compassion, and healing!

  • Why chapter 5 is so important for the story, and why I chose to create so much tension around the protagonist’s relationship with religion

How far did you make it in the book?

Read Chapter 5 | Morning Glory


Alright, we’re halfway into Part I now, so it is time to get up stretch, and grab a new bag of caramelized popcorn because the story is about to get to its climax!

For the next two weeks, I will still be sending you updates as well but instead of commentaries and episodes, I will be asking you questions for your feedback! I want to know what you think of the episodes, chapters, and commentaries before I continue the broadcast!

So please this chance to read some more chapters and to take a deep reflective breath.

We will resume with commentary on chapter 6 on the 30th of May. Paul and I decided to give this show a two-week break in order to prepare for the wild experiments we have for Gumpast Episodes 6,7 and 8 coming to you this June!

You can also catch up on reading the book if you haven’t yet. There are 11 chapters published on this website. You can check it out here on the index.


In Search of Gumption
The Gumpcast: Finding gumption in tough times.
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