Jun 20, 2021 • 22M

Ep06. The Takeover [2/2] w/ Omar Shaker

The continuing story of a host in the hot seat

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Is revenge a dish best served cold? Are there other ways to restore power?

Hello everyone, this is Paul Kist again, I decided to hold onto the reins for one more show, to continue the conversation we started last time in Part 1 of this conversation. Omar reluctantly but graciously allowed this stunt to continue, and I so appreciate what came out of it.

Revenge is a tricky thing. There's a certain amount that serves only to injure and perpetuate toxic cycles. But there's also the lack of it, which also allows a violation to go unvindicated. 

There's no doubt, we are elated to our very core when our movie heroes get the bloody revenge they've been seeking. We also can't deny the depth of healing that can come from more restorative ways to bring the scales back into balance.

But sometimes, you just want that bastard to pay. 

We go further into Maskat's world, as he wrestles with the aftermath of his own revenge story, and we discuss these really complex topics. We would love to hear what you think in the comments below!