Jun 13, 2021 • 30M

Ep06. The Takeover [1/2] w/ Omar Shaker

The host becomes the guest!

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Have you ever had a bully? Have you ever bullied someone? Have you ever gotten revenge on your bullies?

Bullying is something almost all of us have experienced in some way growing up, either as the bully or the bullied. This topic has gotten a lot of attention in the public discourse over the last few years. The weapons are not just fists and physical intimidation anymore. With the internet comes more ways a bully can try to assert dominance or inflict shame upon another. And the impacts can be devastating, and in some cases the damage is permanent.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The origin story of Maskat’s bullying experience

  • How Omar reclaimed power after an experience with his own bully

  • We introduce the topic of revenge and its purpose when it comes to bullies

Looking back whether you were bullied, or were a bully, how have you processed these experiences years later?