Jul 12, 2021 • 45M

Ep08. Slay The Dragon (and find your path)

with Jean Marie Stratigos

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GUMPnation…It is time for Episode 8!

Every hero’s journey has a dragon. Have you met yours yet? Sometimes our dragons do not appear in places we expect. How about our own genomes?

In this episode we are joined by Jean Marie Stratigos, PhD. Jean Marie is a Social Anthropologist and until very recently has worked for the UN as a humanitarian officer.

In this episode we cover:

  • Jean Marie’s foray into the world of Etioanalysis.

  • We traverse the topic of generational trauma and epigenetics

  • And we touch upon an untouchable topic: our own shame

This is the dragon in every hero’s journey. Spoiler alert: That Dragon is You.

You learn more at www.etioanalysis.com or contact Jean Marie Stratigos PhD at jmstratigos@etioanalysis.com.