Aug 1, 2021 • 48M

Ep09. Innocent Manifestations of Testosterone w/ Anonymous

It's a battle of wills, a battle of dicks, and a touch of LSD for good measure

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Have you ever had an experience of breaking out of your own status quo? Often times breaking free is met with resistance. How have you dealt with this kind of confrontation?

Our anonymous guest shares his own adventures with resisting convention and authority in order to carve his own path. He has had to confront the institutions of education, family and the law and through these experiences he forged a philosophy conflict: when it has a purpose, and when it’s fruitless.

In this episode we cover:

  • Our guest’s experiences and adventures through his life

  • Psychedelics and its role in the altering of perception

  • A look at the current state of affairs, and the impact of greed and unchecked power on our world

How can we break free from what binds us in purposeful, life affirming ways? What makes conflict virtuous?

Sit back, pour your favorite beverage, and join us for this very important and candid conversation!