Sitemap - 2021 - In Search of Gumption

[9of12] BIG DICK SYNDROME (Season 1 Recap)

Gumption & Demons

[8/12] SHAME AND EPIGENETICS (Season 1 Recap)

Red Pill or Blue Pill? #3 Island Identities

The Lamu Diaries #2: In Search of Mangoes

I am the Unloved Poem

The Lamu Diaries #1: Stuck In The Mud


[6/12] REVENGE | Season 1:Origins Recap

[5/12] DIVINITY | Season 1:Origins Recap

[4/12] Violence | Season 1:Origins Recap

[3/12] Mischief | Season 1:Origins Recap

[2/12] Guides | Season 1:Origins Recap

(1/12) Confrontation | Season 1:Origins Recap

The End (Of The Beginning)

Ep11.Feel Your Feelings w/ Atta Pilram 🇮🇷🇺🇸

A Gumpcast Special on IGTV

We're Going Live next Tuesday!

Righteous Mind Meditation

Farewell, Righteous Mind.

Ep10. Listeners Commentary

Feed Your Elephant, Change Your Life

Announcing Season Finale!

Ep10. Finding Dad in Me w/ Dr. George Kist 🇪🇬🇺🇸

Follow Your Gut (Strong Stomach Required)

Good Morning America

Ep09. Listeners Commentary

Ep09. Innocent Manifestations of Testosterone w/ Anonymous

The Road to Freedom (Hint: it is paved with mischeif)

Music Break 🎵: What is your favorite song(s)/album about freedom?

Break Free!

Ep08. Listeners Commentary

Ep08. Slay The Dragon (and find your path)

[TEASER] Stay Tuned for Episode 8!

A Simple Exercise to Release Your Shame.


Ep07. Listeners Commentary

Ep07. The Shadow w/ Ryan Ginn

Teaser for Ep07 Tomorrow

A quick, harmless exploration of your dark childhood wounds

Ep06. The Takeover [2/2] w/ Omar Shaker

What is one thing you wish all men in the world understood and did more of?

Ep06. The Takeover [1/2] w/ Omar Shaker

What is your favorite revenge movie/show of all time?

Revenge and the Shadow

Hello Rejection, My Old Friend


Ep05. Experiencing God w/ Sherin Wafaai

Religion and Our Journeys

Ep04. Aggression w/ Khaled Sallam

The Father Archetype

Ep03. When Sons Become Fathers w/ Ahmed Sameh

Welcome To A World of Gumption

The Inner Child

Ep02. Spirit Guides (and how to summon them)

The Power of Archetypes

Ep01. Talking to Bulls w/ Paul Kist


Chapter 9. The Highway

Chapter 8. An Unwelcome Visitor

Chapter 7. The Empire Strikes Back

Chapter 6. School Balls

Chapter 5. Morning Glory

Chapter 4. Taurus Strikes

Chapter 3. Operation Fetish

Chapter 2. Gumption

Chapter 1. Prologue