Sitemap - 2023 - In Search of Gumption

Amplify Your Gumption with Tech (and avoid its traps!)

Receive the love that I have for you

Episode 21 on suicide is live again

Why we recalled the last episode about suicide

EP21. How do we show up for suicide?

This joy that I have...

Misery = Desires - Reality

A poem for the West about the East

Gumption levels low. Please re-fuel.

EP20. Can Stories Really Save Our Lives?

Catching myself getting carried away about Palestine/Israel

How is your posture? 7 min read

Becoming anti-fragile in stress and relationships

EP19. Humanizing others with music

Thread: What kind of music or song can help us learn more about who you are?

You are not average

Stop trying to be a Tough Mudder fucker

September '23 Gumpdate

Misogi: How do you challenge yourself physically in life?

An invitation for human connection

Ep18. Standing your ground without losing your loved ones

Aug '23: Opportunities to speak your truth

Quick Poll: Do you like long essays?

Become health data literate to be one step ahead of a health crisis.

Join our live audience in SF for a live Gumpcast episode with live music!

Motivation is overrated and unrealistic for habits. Do this instead.

What is blocking you from achieving a healthy lifestyle?

Master emotional health with inner work

What does "inner work" mean to you? How do you currently practice it?

Build a vision for your health

Gumption in July

10 ways to get in a creative mindset

Musing #41: Creativity is your only way out.

Try this routine for creativity

EP17. Mending The Heart with Somatics

Gumption in June

Which one of these do you value the most?

I found the gumption to finish my novel!

EP16 How do we deal with heartbreak?

Leave me a voice note about: How do you maneuver heartbreak? What mends your heart when you lose someone you love?

Join me on Notes

Here are the 5 novels that I read recently. What are yours?

#40: How will reading fiction improve me?

#39 How do you get better at anything?

EP 15. Race and Identity: How do we face our demons?

Gumption in April

Help needed: What keeps you going?

EP14. The Penis Dialogues | How the myth of erectile dysfunction shapes our minds.

#38 How do you get back on your feet again?

Episode 13 on sexual harassment and gender imbalance is out!

EP13. Gender - How Do We Balance the Masculine and Feminine?

#37: When is it time to quit?

What ideas did you inherit from your nation?

Ep12. Nationalism w/ Omar Dajani πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡΅πŸ‡Έ [The Gumpcast]

Welcome to the new gumptioneers!

Musing #36: Here is my first book